Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Demo Reel: 5 min game demo

videoSo here is the game demo I created with two other CS guys in my graphics class. The premise of the game was a rpg type chess game, themed off of Final Fantasy Tactics. We had about 6-8 weeks to work on the project and overall I think it came out pretty decent for what we were going for. Most of the work I did was on programming the gameplay logic. I wrote all the logic for character movement, stats, win conditions etc. Preston Cowley worked on the terrain manipulation algorithm and Devin Fisher did most of the visual display, writing most of the code that displayed all of our objects and assets.

Demo Reel: Ray Tracing

So, here are some image results of a raytracer I wrote in my computer graphics class. As can be seen, we did not use much more than basic triangles for intersections as the intersections were easier to calculate. The first image I was trying to play a little more with reflectivity and translucence, but nothing crazy complicated overall.

Monday, December 6, 2010

This Space for Rent

So, for those who have ever read the things I have posted I am sorry to stop. With graduation coming up I have decided to totally overhaul this blog for my portfolio. Expect changes in the upcoming couple weeks.